Clove Club

This Little Piggy went to The Clove Club - London

A half day from work on a Friday always feels naughty and extra special when you head to a classy establishment such as The Clove Club. It's housed in Shoreditch Town Hall where they still regularly hold tea dances and East End entertainment with the interior still featuring original floors, stair cases and even toilets!


We were told that the bar and restaurant area now stands where the boxing ring used to be and the old box office under the stairs now houses their personal meat curing room, genius use of space.

The dining room is only a 20 cover space and we were seated in the front row with unparalleled views of the open kitchen, although that also meant we were being stared at aswell. But the staff were so friendly and professional, that this didn't matter. It also gave us a great opportunity to point at things and demand to know what they were!

So the 7 course tasting menu with pairing wines was chosen and we eagerly awaited it but of course there were pre-lunch snacks to nibble on. A tiny pastry case of Pea & Ricotta mousse, a tiny pastry case of Crab mousse (served in a crab shell) and then a bunch of forest pines was delivered with a skewer of Buttermilk Chicken with Pine Salt nestled in them, delicious!

So to the actual lunch menu:

​Raw Beef with Oyster & Air Dried Tuna

Sardine Sashimi with Worcestershire Sauce & Ginger





Langoustine with Apricot Beurre Blanc & Long Peppers


Slow Roasted Chicken with Turnip Puree, Truffles & Girolles


Grouse with Neeps & Tatties, Blackberry Puree  & Juniper Bread Sauce

Roasted Grouse Legs with Grouse Sausage Roll & Hot Sauce


Plum with Szechuan Pepper & Rose


Warm Potato Mousse with Coffee & Caramel Ice Cream


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Salad of Cep Mushrooms, Figs, Corra Linn Cheese & Beetroot Ketchup





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