Please see below for the featured events of our very own pop up beer taproom!

Twilight Taproom offers a great variety of unique and exciting beers not readily available in the pub.

We are able to purchase from any UK brewery so any beer preference can be acquired and we will work with you to ensure you receive the perfect beverages for you and your guests.

Many different beer styles can be catered for from refreshing Golden ales, IPAs, American Pale Ales, Fruit beers, Milds, Stouts and Porters to small batch brewery creations.


As well as 4 keg lines, we can offer a wide range of canned craft beers and ciders from top UK breweries including those listed below and many more which are continually added to our beer portfolio. #beerforeveryone

If you are partial to a drop of the good stuff or would like to try brand new and exciting beers then please drop us a line at

We are ready and waiting for you to hire us or just the beer and equipment for your own private event!

Follow us on Twitter @thispiggybeer where we will let you know any special events we will be hosting.

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