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This Little Piggy went to Arzak - San Sebastian - Spain
Stormy San Sebastian.jpg

As San Sebastian is notorious for having the highest concentration of Michelin starred or recommended restaurants of any city in the world (I think!), it seemed the perfect place to nip to for a long weekend and immerse ourselves in truly wonderful Spanish cuisine and beverages.

Now to the serious stuff and the main reason for visiting this amazing city, a late night supper at Arzak, holder of 3 Michelin stars since 1989.

Fish According to the Sea - ​this was Grouper fish wrapped in a very tasty nori seaweed sheet with a buttery foam and dried strawberry which weirdly worked

Arzak - Grouper wrapped in Seaweed w Str

Fish of the Day with Shio Koji, Sea Grapes & Piparras - tangy pickled slithers of white fish marinated in  malted rice & salt water with the sea grapes which are popping seaweed bubbles and a red pepper puree

Arzak - Fish of the Day with Shio Koji,


Scarlet Prawn with Krill - ​A big juicy prawn with a dense seaweed crisp and the Krill which is a tiny crustacean for extra flavour of the sea and creamy avocado. Modern twist on the 70s classic Prawns in Avocado.


Arzak - Scarlet Prawn w Krill.jpg

Lamb & Blackcurrant - a simply roasted yet perfectly cooked lamb with a blackcurrant crust and the most deeply and meaty rich sauce

Arzak - Lamb & Blackcurrant.jpg

Chocolate Cube with Passionfruit Sauce and Fresh Mint - like the best block of After Eight mints there are then an extremely sharp passionfruit hit to keep you awake.

Arzak - Chocolate Cube w Mint & Passion

Egg with Corn & Tomato Candy - could see this in Shoreditch at a hipster café as the latest brunch.

Arzak - Egg w Corn & Tomato Candy.jpg

Mezcal Snow with Almond Praline & Fluffy Raspberries - A punchy tequila esque granita with a creamy nutty dome and tangy grated raspberries 

Arzak - Mezcal Snow w Almond Praline & F

End of Meal Handmade Chocolate Truffles

Arzak - End of the Meal Truffles.jpg


© Ali Twidale. All Rights Reserved on Images and Text






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