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This Little Piggy went to Northbank - St Paul's - London




















Starting a new job in the city, This Little Piggy wasted no time in popping out for lunch and as it was a bright crisp clear autumnal day, decided on the Northbank which is right on the banks of the River Thames with uninterrupted views of the Tate, the London Eye and The Shard. It’s quite a narrow restaurant but that ensures that every table has a fantastic view which is alright in my book.

The Specials section of the menu was nice and varied with fairly unique choices. My starter was ‘Seared Scallops with Cauliflower and Crispy Hog’s Pudding’. Three luscious king scallops were served up with slices of charred cauliflower and a puree with little cubes of piggy goodness. There wasn’t a  great deal of cauliflower flavour from the puree but the pork and scallop did me just fine.  



























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The word truffle attracted me to this main dish ‘Lamb Shoulder with Red Wine Gravy on Truffle & Chive Mash’. Unfortunately there was only the merest hint of truffle but the mash was flavoured well with the chives and texture was creamy. The lamb shoulder was quite tough in places but had been cooked well as the fat was rendered down and turned crispy. 





Piglet chose a starter that she wouldn’t normally cook at home ‘Devilled Lamb’s Kidneys on Toast’. The sauce that accompanied was glistening and sticky although one of the kidneys served was quite tough so wasn’t consumed.  




The second main chosen was ‘Braised Oxtail Ravioli with Morels and Kale’. This was reportedly soft and rich with a very tasty and meaty reduction. 




The two courses were quite enough for a lunch break but will return when I have more time to go on to the desserts and cheese board.















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