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Smith's at Wapping

This Little Piggy went to Smith's - Wapping - London




















As a  belated birthday treat for Papa Piggy, we chose a lovely London riverside spot for the occasion with the Shard and Tower Bridge providing the backdrop. Having frequented Smith's in Ongar a fair few times i was intrigued to see how this would measure up as it's new in comparison and pleased to say the relaxed yet attentive service extends to London aswell, the food and wine were equally as good but because of the scenery, London just nicks it.



Starter - King Scallops on Celeriac Puree with Chorizo & Pea Shoots




























































































































Debrief - Scallops were opaque inside so perfectly cooked and as chorizo is my favourite meat of all time it was always going to be a winner although some of the scallops had hardly any celeriac with it but i can live with that.

Halibut fillet was enormous and flaked as soon as you cut it, cockles were big and juicy and samphire wonderfully salty which complemented everything so well. Dauphinoise potatoes are always a perfect accompaniment.

The Lemon Meringue Tart was really, really good as it didn't turn up like your run of the mill lemon meringue but rather a solid biscuit base with lemon mousse and then a layer of meringue piped on top with candied lemon peel on top of that. Splodges of raspberry coulis were beside it but they are always so difficult to scoop up so just end up being spread around the plate instead of being eaten.

Highly recommend this gorgeous restaurant for a special occasion.




















This Little Piggy Approves 


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Dessert - Lemon Meringue Tart






Keeping on the healthy fish theme my next course was the ‘Cornish Cod with Baby Artichoke, Ratatouille, Cauliflower Puree and Curry Oil.’  The cod fillet was so fleshy, juicy and filling it was a struggle to finish but I powered on and accompanied each mouthful with alternations of the rich ratatouille and the cauliflower. The vegetables in the ratatouille were diced nice and small so I could fill a fork with the cod and every vegetable enveloped in the tomato sauce.



Main Course - Pan Fried Halibut with Cockles & Samphire




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