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Library Bar


This Little Piggy went to The Library Bar at The Lanesborough Hotel – London – UK


This Little Piggy partook in a post-dinner cocktail in the terribly exquisite Library Bar which on first entering makes you seem like you’ve accidentally wandered into an exclusive gentleman’s club.


We were, however, welcomed in by the barman in a white Casablanca style tuxedo and an afternoon tea type three tiered nibble vessel was placed in between us offering chilli crackers, crumbly cheese biscuits and the finest green queen olives.

Having read of this bar’s cocktail reputation I scanned the long cocktail list looking for my first victim. I found The Smoking Ketel which quite rightly contained Ketel vodka, Apple & Tobacco Brandy, Dry Orange Curacao and Bitters. In addition to the Tobacco Brandy for a smoky flavour, strands of tobacco were smoked in the drink with a vessel placed over the cocktail glass and then served immediately when it had fizzled out. The added theatre of drink presentation was very well received and the first taste was as if you had a Gauloises on the go with your drink.


Another cocktail sipped was the one simply named Grace. Going onto a more fruity number it combined Pear Vodka, Apple & Pear Juices, Honey, Lemon, Lemongrass and Mint. I regret eating a dessert as this would have sufficed!


Other cocktails that were sampled include the bar’s signature cocktail The Librarian.  This contained Cognac, Antica Formula Vermouth, Cherry Wine and Bitters and was a very masculine grown up beverage.

Also the Red Earl which had Vodka, Raspberries, Fresh Ginger and Lemon liqueur and was a lovely refreshing beverage to finish the night with.


This Little Piggy Approves


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