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Village East

This Little Piggy went to Village East - Bermondsey - London

Imprinted on the menu is their motto 'Sharing is Caring' which gives you a welcome feeling and the start of the menu is structured so that it's almost mandatory to do just that.


We kicked off with Caramelised Onion Bread, Potted Pig Cheeks with Toast and Smoked & Braised Beef Short Rib.




The beef had a fantastic smoke to it that any good BBQ joint would be proud of. The dollops of baba ghanoush were light & creamy and so went well with the sweet sticky coating of the ribs. The meat could be cut with a spoon therefore was extremely good.


The onion bread was soft and oozing a comforting taste. Eaten together with the beef was a winner.
The pig cheeks were presented in a glass jar rillette style and had a lovely punchy piggy taste. We all chose well!



Having a fairly random style of menu, we all went for very different mains inclusing the lamb meatballs, Angus cheeseburger and soft shell crab bap.Im told the lamb meatballs were very tasty and tomatoey sauce even better. The burger came out 6 inches high and looked juicy and succulent.


Afraid to say i was the most disappointed with the crab bap. It hadn't mentioned on the menu that it was deep fried so although massive in size it could have been any kind of fried fish because the crab flavour just couldn't fight through the oil. My request to swap out XO mayonnaise for aioli had also not made it to the kitchen.
















Being too full up for a proper dessert, i opted for a tiramisu cocktail and one of the 3 truffles we all shared for that sweet fix. They were really good and impressive if home made.


Although the main hit a bum note, the ever changing random menu and good drinks would warrant a return visit.




This Little Piggy approves.


© Ali Twidale. All Rights Reserved on      Images and Texts.

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